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An award-winning and beautifully designed rollator / walker/ walking frame that converts simply into a wheelchair in seconds. Features:

  • The only convertible walker/wheelchair on the market that meets ISO safety standards for both a walker and a wheelchair.
  • This unique transformable function gives you options and confidence to go further - walk or ride when it suits you - it's your choice.
  • Innovative and award-winning design - winner of the prestigious Red-Dot design award
  • Superior drum brakes suited to wet and dry conditions
  • Easily folds into compact and transportable size
  • Strong frame and wheels
  • Allows you to stand and walk tall, instead of leaning forward
  • Safe with superior manoeuvreability supported by large wheels and a short wheelbase.
  • Accessories can be purchased in addition to the base unit including a basket for under the seat, cup holder, seat belt, travel cover and more. As you would expect, the wheelchair package and footrests is included in the purchase price.

For further information about the Rollz Motion, including videos, please click here


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There are two sizes for the Rollz Motion - 'Small' and 'Regular'.  The width of the 'Regular' and the 'Small' is the same. The handles are adjustable for height so unless you are really short or really tall you can have either. The big difference between the two is the seat height - 50cm on the 'Small' and 55cm on the 'Regular'. The 'Small' only comes in Island Blue and Matt Black. The Rollz Motion will take someone up to 120kg though at the upper end you will need to check the seat width of 45cm is ok. There is no bariatric version.


"..The Rollz Motion was the swankiest walking aid on the ship by a mile. Its good looks make it a big success with Mum (and with everyone who sees it!)....Thanks again for all your help in ensuring an easy delivery."
- Sydney, New South Wales

"I'm 34 years old and have been in need of a rollator for about 18 months now, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase one. I was so chuffed when I found the Rollz Motion online and absolutely thrilled when I realised I could actually get one in Australia. It looks as trendy and awesome as a rollator could ever possibly look! I have already done a couple of trips out and about and I couldn't be happier with it. Your service was impeccable too! Thank you! "
- Brisbane, Queensland

"I'm loving my new Rollz Motion. We took it to a wedding last weekend and it makes such a difference having it with me. It was also an excellent accessory."
- Wellington, New Zealand

"The Rollz Motion has allowed me to get out and do so much more! It really is such a clever piece of equipment and is absolutely worth the price tag. I now have options when I leave the house and planning to go out is much more stress-free."
- Melbourne, Victoria

"The Rollz Motion has allowed me to get out and do so much more! It really is such a clever piece of equipment and is absolutely worth the price tag. I now have options when I leave the house and planning to go out is much more stress free. Anna at locomo was a pleasure to deal with; she made the whole process from trial to purchase a breeze and was quick to respond to any questions".
- Melbourne, Victoria

"As a carer having to push my 65kg daughter around quite a bit now the Rollz Performance chair has made it soooooo much easier compared to normal wheelchairs. I feel like it glides along even on bumpy surfaces. It’s made life so much easier."
- Townsville, Queensland

"The Rollz Motion was the best thing I bought for my brother. Not being able to walk long distances, I am able to transform it and get around with him much easier... it folds well and is easy to put in my car."
- Whyalla, South Australia

"With my new Rollz Motion I am able to walk so much faster, fast enough that my Apple Watch recognised it as exercise, which has never happened before."
- Melbourne, Victoria

"Our Rollz Motion has been a deal breaker & earned its keep within a few days.
My husband uses it indoors & around home as a walker but 90% of the time if we're away from home Its in wheelchair mode. I have extolled it's virtues to all & sundry & suggested the hospital invest in some! It always starts a conversation.... Keep up the great work you do"
- New Zealand

"OMgoodness! The Rollz Motion is amazing. Easy to use, light, great turning circle, the ability to sit whenever I fatigued is a game changer... It’s exactly what I need."
- Melbourne, Victoria

"Having the Rollz Motion that can convert to a transit wheelchair has been a 'life changer' for me in regaining some independence and peace of mind. Being able to be well-supported whilst walking, or be comfortably pushed if my body can't handle walking, has opened up lots of possibilities that I wouldn't otherwise have (including travelling!). The innovative-looking design makes it so much easier to use this mobility aid as a young person (mid thirties is young, isn't it? 😂) and I often get positive feedback about my Rollz Motion! The well-thought-out design also means that the Rollz Motion has fit easily into different sized car boots. After seeing how much I benefited from using my Rollz Motion, my 87-year-old Grandma decided to buy herself one. She loved being able to select a nice colour and receives lots of positive comments from the staff and other residents at the Nursing Home where she lives when they see her Rollz Motion. So, there's definitely a multi-generational Rollz Motion 'fan club' happening in our family. I hope that more people can learn about this product, as it could open up lots of possibilities for them too ☺"
- Wollongong, New South Wales

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