Rollz Motion - Pebble White (Regular only)



An award-winning and beautifully designed rollator that converts simply into a wheelchair in seconds

  • Gives you confidence to go further
  • Innovative and award-winning design
  • Superior brakes suited to wet and dry conditions
  • Folds into compact and transportable size
  • Strong frame and wheels
  • Allows you to stand and walk tall, instead of leaning forward
  • Safe with superior manoeuvreability

Note: The Rollz Motion includes the wheelchair package, footrests and also the 3-in-1 wheelchair package accessory. Other accessories can be purchased in addition to the base unit including a basket for under the seat, cup holder, seat belt, travel cover and more.

SKU: 10002 TAGS: Wheelchair, Walking aid, Walking frame with wheels, Walker, Walking frame, Walking frame that converts to a wheelchair, Transit chair, Transformable walker wheelchair, Convertible walker wheelchair, Light wheelchair, Rollator, Mobility aid

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