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Top and Derby - Walking Cane

This award-winning walking stick combines premium materials and functional design elements to create a unique fashion product. It sports a soft, ergonomic grip that can lean just about anywhere for easy access. The soft silicone covered handle has a distinct upturned nose which is comfortable to hold and intuitively positions the hand directly over the wood shaft. This unique detail also allows the cane to rest against a wall effortlessly for quick access; it can be propped up on its nose or side, without the cane slipping or falling over as easily as generic canes often do. 


The canes come in three different sizes - S, M and L. 

To determine your size, check out table below: 


S (81 cm)158cm - 168cm
M (86 cm)168cm - 180cm
L (91 cm)182cm - 190cm

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