byACRE Carbon Fibre Ultralight - Oyster White




At just 4.8kg this carbon fibre walker is the lightest in the world and uses space age technology and the best of Danish design. It's features include:

  • Soft inverted handles to support posture and comfort
  • Award winning design providing a slick alternative to the traditional looking walking frame
  • Brake cables hidden inside the frame for cleaner, less cluttered lines
  • Shock absorbing frame and tyres.
  • Additional accessories such as back rest, weekender bag, organiser bag and cane holder are also available on our online shop.

Please note that the Ultralight is, well, very light - under 5kg -  and it is not suitable for everyone who needs a walker.  Care must be taken when navigating uneven terrain. It may tip if the wheels hit an obstruction and the momentum of a person’s weight carries forward past the obstruction. Accordingly the person using it must be able to bear their own weight as they navigate  these types of surfaces.

There are three sizes: Compact, Regular and Wide Track. Specifications are below. Note:
- The main difference between the Regular and the Compact is the seat height (56cm on the Compact and 61cm on the Regular). 
- The main difference between the Regular and Wide Track is the seat width (42cm on the Regular and 47cm on the Wide Track). 
- Some people prefer a wider seat for comfort. 
- Only very short adults need the Compact.

Technical DataCompactRegularWide Track
Handle Height79-91cm79-91cm79-91cm
Width between handles38cm39cm44cm
Seat width41cm42cm47cm
Seat height56cm61cm61cm
Width when folded25cm25cm25cm
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