byACRE Carbon Fibre Ultralight - Grocery Bag - PRE-ORDER



NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS - Oops, we have been caught short! These Ultralights are flying out the door and that villain of 2020, Covid-19, has delayed our next byACRE Ultralight shipment - now due in Australia in early August 2020. 

In many cases we are able to service Australian orders from our New Zealand warehouse so do get in touch if timing is important and you need it sooner. We can do this at no extra cost. However be aware that air-freight between countries is taking a lot longer due to reduced flights between countries. (Up to 3 weeks in some cases).

We thank you for your patience as we navigate these challenges. Please don't hesitate to contact Anna if you have any questions at all or you would like one sent to you from NZ: or ring (02) 4058 4636. 


Going shopping? The grocery bag is designed to make your shopping and transportation of it easy breezy.

  • Very spacious for a full load of groceries or new additions to your wardrobe
  • Easy open/close system so you can easily put your groceries into the bag while shopping and unload them when you get home
  • Room for a tote bag so you can load your groceries easily in to the bag after check-out and unload it without detaching it from the rollator when arriving home
  • Easy to clean and maintain made from wear and weather resistant polyester that can easily be wiped clean
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