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Brand new in 2021, the Rollz Motion Rhythm is a walker with three cues for people with Parkinson's who experience freezing or a disrupted walking pattern. The laser line prompts the user to start a movement, while the metronome and the vibration in the handles support the walking rhythm. To start a cue, simply press the button on the handle.

Features of the Rhythm include:

  1. Easily adjustable cues which enables you to tailor the cues to suit what works best for the user - you can have 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 cues selected and you can adjust their rhythm and pattern. You can set the cues to run for 8 beats, 16 beats, 32 beats or continuously.
  2. The audio cue and tactile cue can also be set to run through your smartphone for a discreet prompt. Audio can be bluetoothed from your phone to earplugs.
  3. Bright, easy to see green laser line.
  4. Large wheels and shorter than average wheelbase which makes it very easy to steer.
  5. Inverted and ergonomic handles which reduces pressure on finger and wrists joints.
  6. Collapses easily for transport
  7. Ability to add-on:
    1. Slow down brakes to create more resistance in the wheel when using it as a walker.
    2. Wheelchair package to enable you to easily convert it to a wheelchair whilst out and about.
    3. Any of the other Rollz Motion accessories.

For initial set-up we encourage you to work with your physiotherapist or occupational therapist to find the cues that work best for you.

See video here: 

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